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Press Release, Sep. 07 2016

Today StatsHelix releases our ProTool for professional CS:GO teams. StatsHelix is an esports analytics platform, currently focused on CS:GO. You have probably already seen our 2D viewer used by FaceIt, DreamHack, Starladder, and many other tournaments, or the live-viewer on several eSports news and item trading sites.

In collaboration with some of the greatest minds in CS:GO, and with the goal of resolving the biggest issues players, ingame leaders, and coaches have brought to light, StatsHelix programmers and analysts have spent the last year creating the perfect product for professional CS:GO players. Built and managed by esports enthusiasts, StatsHelix aids players and teams reach their full potential.

With our ProTool, professional players will have the ability to pull up professional demos and watch them instantly with our viewer - anytime, anywhere, directly from your browser. If you feel the 2D-overview isn’t enough, the ingame-perspective video is available within seconds.

Still not satisfied? Then take our heatmap-feature for a spin. Figuring out the default setup and positioning of a team becomes matter of seconds instead of hours. Not only can you see from where and to where frags happen, you can also find out the positioning of players, and filter them by side, the amount of teammates still alive, weapon utilized, and many more.

Furthermore, StatsHelix provides each player a personal, secure, area to create online playbooks to neatly document all this newfound data. You can store screenshots of the positioning from the heatmaps, clips of default executes from the 2D viewer, and short GIFs of hold spots from the ingame-videos readily available anytime anywhere. You also have the option to share the playbooks you create with your teammates. Your ProTool playbooks will quickly become your go to pre match prep tools, allowing you to quickly pull up pertinent data in the few free moments you have during tournaments.

We believe strongly in doing things right the first time and are proud of the StatsHelix ProTool. What matters most, however, is continuing to provide the tools professional gamers need to excel at their craft. We are thus excited to announce that the ProTool is an ever expanding project, and by popular request, the next major update is already in the works to include the demo uploader, for users to securely upload any demo of their choosing to analyze within the ProTool. Please keep the suggestions and comments coming, and good luck in your research!

Finally, for those of you aspiring professionals out there, keep a lookout here and don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list for the latest product release information, including release dates for the individual user product.

About StatsHelix

StatsHelix is a software development and analytics company focused on the eSports industry. StatsHelix provides first class programs and statistics for eSports productions, professionals, and casual users.


Hear what the pros think.

Spencer Hiko Martin

StatsHelix has helped my team at two majors now. The most important thing it helps is demo preparation time - sometimes you get stuck on bad hotel WiFi and can't possibly download 2-3 full demos. With the built in features that StatsHelix has I was able to easily watch as many demos I wanted with little to no lag. I would recommend StatsHelix to any player currently reviewing demos, the amount of time it saves alone is well worth it.

Andrii B1ad3 Gorodenskyi

Statshelix is a great application. Nowadays when you have so many matches online, its very easy for spectators to catch all of them and it helps to track all important actions on the map simultaneously. At the same time its very helpful if you need to explain something specific to your team, in details.

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